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Friday, December 26, 2008

Is the $4 burrito extinct?

On Christmas Eve, I stopped at Taqueria El Sombrero in downtown Healdsburg. This taqueris has survived the relentless gentrification that plopped an Oakville Grocery across the street. And if you have to ask what Oakville Grocery is, you don't make enough money to shop there.

So instead of light oak and local chardonnay, El Sombrero offers Formica and Tecate. But you'll pay $6.55 for a regular burrito, and my Smaller Dining Companion's beans-and-rice burrito set us back $3.75. Those are resort prices, but then, Healdsburg has been turned into something very much resembling a resort. That makes it hard on regular folks, and I noticed while we were waiting, a steady stream of men in Dickies and overalls came in to order what may be one of the last affordable lunches in town.

Anyway, the food: I got pastor, which had a little kick and was nicely done. They did not ask me my preference in beans, and I wound up with refritos. SDC specified pinto, and got whole beans, so if you are alert, you do have some choice. They do offer buche and tripitas, but I was a little bit flu-ish and not feeling like going off the beaten path.


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