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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Should you google the web for the phrase "negritude burrito," you will be led to some extremely strange places. Like, white power kinds of web sites that I will not even dignify with a link. I do not like to think of the Aryan Nation sending out for a carnitas super, refritos y salsa, por favor. I assume that if these web sites take a position on burritos, it is anti.

"Nigritude burrito" however, gets you into this weird new contest by the search engine optimization industry to pop to the top of the google search list. A lot of "blogs" are trying to win the prize without the bother of having actual bloggish content. Matthew "Defective Yeti" Baldwin is leading a campaign to get Anil's blog to win the contest. We here in Burritoville do not know Anil, but at least his blog is a REAL BLOG.


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