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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

The boys at sfburrito.com are clearly not amateurs! Check out this excerpt from their review of Taqueria Baja California:

"It had a different kind of taste – a strong seasoned rice and enchilada sauce flavor, somewhat like a traditional Mexican combo plate. The guac had no chunks of avo, and the tortilla was not grilled. And it certainly did not have a 'fresh' taste. But the carne asada had a great zip to it and a nice, slightly crackly consistency, like the little steak scraps had logged some bonus time on the grill. 'The meat is NOT bashful,' observed A-man. Fuck yeah. Paydirt, homeboy. OK, I should note that the burro was poorly rolled. It ruptured toward the bottom: systems failure, total fuckin chaos. I had to eat faster than the burro melted down. But at least as far as taste is concerned, the burro was working for us. Good stuff. I finished my log down to the entrails, as did A-man."

This site appears to still be active -- the above review was published in November -- and they have a pretty cool set of links (although liike every OTHER burrito site, they're still linking to Stephen Somogyi, even though his page is down). "About Us" shows a couple of bare-chested guys who do not look like they eat as many burritos as they obviously do.


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