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Monday, February 11, 2002

OK, here's the thing about toppings: When I was younger, I used to load my burritos up. The goal was to get as much food as possible for the money, and the per-calorie cost of guacamole and crema is fairly low. Now that I eat burritos for enjoyment, rather than out of economic necessity, I find I prefer them plain. If the filling is really tasty, why bury the flavor? I guess it's similar to judging ice creams by how well they do vanilla -- sure, it's easy to hide a mediocre filling under a load of toppings, but what does that really tell you about the taqueria?

My favorite fillings are, in order: chile verde, chicken in red sauce, carnitas and birria (lamb). Barbecued chicken is also OK, if it's not dried out into chicken jerky. Some places also put American-style barbecue sauce on their grilled chicken, and I think that is SO WRONG. A third acceptable chicken is pollo en mole verde, but I've only ever seen that at Cactus Taqueria.


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