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Monday, March 04, 2002

Tacos de Mexico, on Main Street in Morro Bay, was as good as I remembered. Couple things they do nicely: The tortillas aren't warmed in a steamer, but on the grill, which gives them a nice flavor and just a hint of chewiness. I had the chile verde on Friday night and the chicken on Sunday (YES! They are open on Sundays, when it is almost impossible to find a taqueria abierta in the East Bay. Probably because Morro Bay gets so much beach traffic on the weekends.) Both were juicy and flavorful. In addition to the standard toppings (which, as you know, I avoid) they offer raw, minced onion and cilantro and a homemade salsa picante that offers plenty in the heat department but not so much in the flavor department. The onion and cilantro are a very nice addition. They don't have a terrific selection of aguas frescas -- horchata and tamarindo only -- but you can get Jarritos sodas and the usual Mexican beers.

The crowd is nice there, too, a mixture of barefoot surfers and families, about 50-50 gringo y latino. The signs on the wall tell you what time la misa en espanol is at the local church, and there's a bulletin board full of business cards you can peruse while waiting for your order. It takes longer for them to get the food out than I'm used to in the Bay Area, but geez, you're on vacation anyway, right? Slow down a little.