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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The burrito war is on

I visited El Jalisciense today for lunch: Man, it's weird stepping into a brand-new taqueria! Everything looks too... clean, and there was only one other customer in the joint. That having been said, I got a regular chile verde burrito, hold the sour cream (that's right, the regular comes with sour cream and cheese). It came with a tin foil twist of chopped jalapenos, radish slices and pickled carrot slices.

I have to mark the newcomer down on burrito integrity -- perhaps because it uses refried beans as a default, the product has a sloppy, fragile feel, as if it might explode in your hand. I kept the foil wrapping up as high as I could without biting into it, used care, and managed to finish without disaster.

However, the pork and green sauce were superb. Spicier and more pork flavor than the incumbent shop, Los Comales. I think El Jalisciense may use a fattier cut of meat. Also, man, pretty darn big burrito for a regular. I feel like a sea lion beached on a sunny dock right now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Internet has discovered pupusas!

And I have proof:

A simple google of the term now yields 63,000 results.

La Prensa has a slideshow of the largest pupusa in the world.

Pupusas are on YouTube.

And The Vegan Lunch Box even has a pupusa in it.