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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Oh, and I forgot to say, I found another burrito googlewhack: "ultramontaneburrito." (If you type that as two words, that is a googlewhack.)
When, oh when, will I learn.

The Mothership was in town, so we checked out a different taqueria -- La Mejor Taqueria, on High Street near 580. (Could be El Peligroso, because getting across High Street requires nerves of steel). TMshp got a chile verde burrito, with the works, plus a vegetariano to take home to the mister. I got a bite of the chile verde, and it wasn't bad, but the mister had already eaten when we got home, so the vegetarian went into the fridge.

Reheated the vegetarian the next day, after TMshp went home. Reheating vegetarian burritos is a risky business -- if lettuce is part of the mix, it can be something like getting to the salad bar about 99 years too late. El Mejor's was basically one of these cases -- rice had gone concrete and bland, rancid hot lettuce made a nasty path through pasty black beans. Gah -- enough to turn you off taquerias forever.