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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yes, it's another new template: The old one wasn't working for me any more, although I kind of miss the greenness of it all, the greenness of cilantro, the greenness of salsa verde...

Which leads me to my most recent burrito experience. I have kidded around about Cactus Taqueria in the past. They're in Rockridge, fercryinoutloud, next to a store named "Maison D'Etre." If that weren't enough, their interior screams "DECOR" rather than "This is what we happened to have lying around that wasn't too expensive and that sheds grease." And they use Niman Ranch meats, free-range, hormone-free, humanely raised beef, pork and chicken. Are you getting a bad feeling yet?

Well, baby, every little bad thing I may have said or even thought about Cactus in the past five years, I take it back. I crawl on my knees and beg forgiveness, in fact, for ever doubting the Taqueria Godhood of Cactus.

Yesterday, I had what may well have been the finest chile verde burrito I have ever had in my life. At Cactus Taqueria. In Rockridge.

The Niman Ranch pork was tender, yes. The beans were perfectly al dente. But what really made it was the salsa verde, which exploded with the flavor of fresh tomatillo and cilantro and which carried just the right amount of heat -- sinus clearing, but not overpowering. I wish I could describe it more eloquently, but all I can tell you is that after listening to my little moans of pleasure during dinner, my Dining Companion told me he was concerned about whether or not he could measure up to the experience.

The final irony, of course, was the price: $4.95 for regular, $5.95 for mejor. NOT a yuppie burrito, by any measure. You could pay a lot more and come away with a lot less.