The Netscape-friendly hunt for the perfect urban food log.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Yes! Finally, a googlewhack with burrito phrea tic. (Of course, if this page is still listed in Google, I've just screwed it up.) NOTE: This page did get indexed by google, so I've edited this to fix it. Now I'm off to list my triumph in the Whack Stack.
I hope this template change will make Burritoville more Netscape-friendly. I'm testing it out.

I've also been able to add a list of best burrito-related sites.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Damn. I got SO close to a whack: burrito meistersinger yields two sites. One is a school board report, one is a music catalog. Interesting facts: burrito fascism yields fewer sites than either burrito communism or burrito anarchy. Burrito weltunschauung yields a startling eight sites. Burrito pupusa is a pretty good whack -- only eight sites. As I've said before, I think pupusas have yet to be discovered by the web.
I was googlewhacking today -- tried "burrito apotheosis" -- and not only was it NOT a winner, but it led me to this review in the Orange County Weekly of the diner in Seal Beach that claims to be the original home of the breakfast burrito.