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Monday, March 07, 2005

I intended to complete another on-the-road burrito trifecta this weekend, but got derailed in Atascadero on Friday night.

I stopped at El Taco de Mexico on Morro Road. (NOT to be confused with Tacos de Mexico on Main Street in Morro Bay.) I was hungry, it was pouring rain, and I had always meant to try them out. But the chile verde burrito was, frankly, a disappointment: pork that was dry and stringy, a hot but vinegary green sauce, and Mexican rice that was a little on the crunchy side. I ate it anyway, with a pretty good glass of horchata, but it didn't sit well during the rest of my drive to Morro Bay.

The next day at my conference, still somewhat gurgly, I discovered we were having HOTEL BURRITO BAR for lunch. Actually, it was a step up from the taqueria -- shredded chicken cooked with red and green peppers, frijoles de la olla, Mexican corn, guacamole and cheese, everything very fresh and good quality. But it lay on top of the Atascadero burrito like a fat, dead person.

I considered -- I really, strongly considered -- hitting Tacos de Mexico on my way out Sunday. It is possibly my favorite out-of-town taqueria, and I only get a chance to eat there once a year. But I chickened out and skipped lunch altogether. (I did pick up some Mud Fudge to take home to the family.)