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Thursday, July 26, 2007

More out-of-town burritos

La Morenita in Cold Springs continues to serve some of the best Mexican food in Tuolumne County. But after we got a flier from the new Mountain House Cafe in Twain Harte that boasted of having the best Chile Colorado north of the border, I had to test their claim.

One of my mom's friends says that, whatever claim an ad makes, you should figure the product will display the opposite qualities. So, in other words, "MORE LEMON FLAVOR" means it won't taste anything like a real lemon.

Don't get the Chile Colorado at Mountain House. To be kind, it is obviously homemade. But it tastes more like Dinty Moore than anything you'd be served at a respectable taqueria.

On the other hand, their fried green tomatoes? Awesome.