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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

I really enjoy Google's automatic translation function. I hope they never fix it. Here's the way it translated a recipe for birria:


750 grs. of chuletas of pig
500 grs. of tomato
2 lemons
1 onion
Pepper, nail, salt of garlic, cinnamon, mejorana, pepper and salt.

Way to prepare itself:

They gild chuletas without fat, in the frying pan with low flame, previously greased lemon, you leave and pepper, nail in dust (poquito) and salt of garlic.

The tomato cooks and it is ground with onion, salt, mejorana, and a rajita of cinnamon. Since they are gilded chuletas empty the sauce and the low flame by 20 minutes is left.

Se sirve con cebolla picada y salsa endiablada
I have been sick, sick, sick for the past week. Dragged myself out of bed and down to Los Comales for a chile verde burrito Saturday night. It was just OK, though. (Chile verde is really not their strong suit, but it's what I like best when I'm feeling under the weather.)

A member of the Asada family who recently returned from NYC tells me that Burritoville is actually the name of a chain of taquerias there. He was raving about them, but after looking at the menu he brought back, I would worry that they suffer from the High Tech curse: Burritos are not supposed to be "healthy." Burritoville (the restaurant) offers VEGAN burritos, for crap's sake, filled with brown rice. Brown rice, while fine in many contexts, does not belong in a burrito.

This weekend, I'll get to revisit my favorite taqueria in Morro Bay. I'll let you know if they're still as good as I remember.