The Netscape-friendly hunt for the perfect urban food log.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More disturbing evidence of the web's growth: "ultramontane burrito" is no longer a googlewhack, and now brings up three sites. Once this gets posted, it'll be four.

Suburban burrito adventure: El Balazo in Lafayette, California. You will pay to eat here, brudda: $6 for a burrito. If you needed more evidence that Lafayette is upscale, there it is. All I needed to see was the perfectly tanned, perfectly tennis-bracelet sporting teenagers lounging outside the Jamba Juice next door. (Note to self: Must seek out more cheap burritos! All the taquerias I'm winding up in are too expensive!) Balazo is part of a small chain with outlets around the Bay Area. The employees are "authentic" and the food is, too -- right down to the horchata, which was some of the best I've ever had. The clientele .... well, I kept expecting someone to send us back to Las Oaklas where we belonged. But my paranoia was never justified.

Blog foolishness alert: For some reason, when I added links to my January 19th post, it turned all my apostrophes into question marks. I will try to fix this, but can't promise results. Heh.