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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Apple Burrito Recipe

First things first: Proofreading is your friend. I think the author of this recipe meant "burrito wrap" where he or she wrote "burrito," although, what the hell, stick a slice of apple in the middle of your burrito de tripas and serve it a la mode. Why not? Pass another cerveza.

Second thing is, this is just wrong. A burrito is not an apple cobbler. Both things are wonderful in their own place. If you want a quick, easy dessert to slop your ice cream onto, pour a can of peaches into a casserole dish, top them with Pillsbury biscuits and a sprinkline of sugar and bake that sucker up. Don't go wrapping tortillas around apple slices.

I did have a delicious fruit enchilada once -- mini tortilla wrapped around a banana slice with dulce de leche on top. Apple burritos are just trying to take that to Idaho.